Start at the Very Beginning

This is the very first entry in my first ever official Diary. I’ve got some older journalish type writings from before this, but I consider this the beginning of my recorded history. It was the summer after 6th grade. I was the last of my friends to turn 12.

Saturday, June 26th, 1990.

Dear Diary,

I got this diary last night at my birthday-dance. Several important things happened last night. Some of these are: Summer Mitchell broke her leg (my boyfriend was pulling her up of the ground when she fell wrong on the marble floor), I slow dance with my boyfriend Grant Morris- I wish he kissed me.

I got:

Black Umbros
Pink Plastics
This Diary
A Bart Simpson poster
2 Boxes of Candy
Chill Out
Concert tickets to Depeche Mode.

Well I better go now.

Laurel Jade Williams ’90

P.S. I also got a key chain and a windsock

P.P.S. Who’s Going Together
Annette-Jason K.

Author’s Note: The entry was written in red ink that originally smelled strawberry-y. The post-post script was later edited with pencil scribble to denote which of these couples did not make it. After Grant, I went on to date Mike, Troy and Alex briefly. Last I heard Alex was performing in an all-male, all-nude play that focused on homosexual issues. Sadly, all of these couples were eventually scribbled out. In my heart of hearts I hope to someday add Alex-Jason K to the list.


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