Crazy Town

It’s the most planned for and orchestrated collision with a brick wall since the first koolaid (is that how you spell it? when you have hippy parents All KoolAide is Jonestown Kool-aid) commercial. Two months of three square meals, seven weekly case worker visits, 48 tabs of Risperadone (but, really who knows how many he really swallowed), 17 billion off-peak minutes and now we wait for the crash.

Will he refuse to take the pills tonight, or will it be tomorrow? Will he go willingly on the 9:00am bus to the day camp version of the psychiatric hospital tomorrow? When exactly will we have to force him out into the shitstorm on his own? The wind is blowing at 100kph and the rain is sideways. His goodbye kit includes a five dollar calling card and a list of youth hostels. The 17 billion off-peak minutes have determined that this is the only way. Best case scenario is that he acts so scarily crazy that a member of the public calls the cops. That way he can be committed against his will. Yaaaay!

As someone from a long line of acid trippers, I’m really glad that it’s hard to commit someone against their will. However…oh, fuck it. I don’t have the energy. I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned for entries detailing how Ash charmed so completely that I’m willing to put up with crazy town!


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