Finishing Touches

My fingers can’t feel the way they are supposed to-from the inside and the outside-because of the dried spackle and gorilla glue. Our bedroom-the bedroom that is ours-is finally ready to paint. But, oh god, what color? Can I really paint my bedroom “Teal?” Not to mention that it’s the name of my ex’s ex, but goddamn it Teal is the color of a bitchy girl’s headband that doesn’t get sweaty no matter how much tennis she plays. “Pirate’s Haven” is now referred to as Keira Knightly’s Minge. They really shouldn’t name colors. I understand why they do, but I think it just adds another level of distraction to an already complicated process. “Kaikoura” just seems so much easier to live with even though it’s so dark it’s almost black and sometimes it looks purple.

Oy vey.


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